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Target group for this page is experienced users or IT-system responsibles

Development is decided in consultation with an international group of persons and EpiData Software is released by the EpiData Association.() from Odense, Denmark, Europe. Due to attained funding and voluntary work the software is released for free and cannot by be distributed for money or other value.

More information: List of donors, EpiData Association & donation , Acknowledgements and reference documentation , History , View complete License

Specifications for EpiData Software

EpiData Software has a "clean installation" which does not require drivers or registry components. EpiData works as a single EXE file along with help files. Complete setup install files are small - about 1Mb for the Entry and 2Mb for the analysis module.

EpiData software installation only involves copying into a folder. No information is saved in registry unless you decide to associate file types with the exe files.

To run from a USB pin (memory stick) just copy exe files and the parts of documentation you want

EpiData is currently developed for windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. (PowerMac with emulator, tested on linux variants using wine with succes, but some limitations)

For more information on working in Linux contact the EpiData Association

  • Open Standards used where possible
  • Encryption of data with Rijndael/AES strong encryption.
  • Data export to Stata, SPSS & SAS with labels and missing value definitions, DBF, CSV.
  • Data Import from DBF, CSV, Stata with labels and missing value definitions.
  • Analysis reads standard formats (dbf/csv/rec format) and produces standard HTML output.
Entry module
  • Save first observation in less than 10" minutes.
  • Specify legal values, conditional jumps & mustenter in an easy way.
  • Variable types: numerical, date, string, boolean, soundex, encrypted.
  • Automatic variables (today's date, automatic id number creation) .
  • Calculations during dataentry. Extended if ... then ... endif commands in fields.
  • Validate by comparing data entered twice. (link files on up to 10" variables)
  • Output a codebook containing overall frequency tables or lists of data
  • Epidata files saved as EpiInfo V6.
    Import/Export data (csv, dbaseIII, Excel, Stata, SAS, SPSS)
  • Relate files during dataentry. E.g. House->persons->visits
  • Fast index functions: Search with index on 80000" records < 1 sec. on Pentium 200" Mhz
  • Limits:
    • EpiData Entry is a single user program. Workaround: Enter data on one PC and distribute copies for reading of data to other PC's.
    • Number of Records in a file (currently around 200.000).
    • All fields must fit within 999 lines of text. Workaround: Split files into portions. which you can combine files which each has that many lines (RELATE function).

Version info for Entry

Analysis module

See reference materials on the documentation page

Version info for Analysis

Future plans and ideas

! No definitive time or decision "

EpiData Entry
  • - FIND duplicates
  • - Enhanced report on import/export
  • - DATAFORM lineheight fieldtype tabsize (input field specification)
  • - DATAFORM font size typeface (font specification)
  • - LAG function - look up values in previous records.
  • - MUSTENTERALL - in before file block: all fields have mustenter
  • - UDM - User Defined Menu - custom made added to EpiData
  • - Transaction logging to allow for Audit Trail
  • - Export to MySql and PDA files (Palm Pilot and Pocket PC)
  • - Export recfile structure to asp code for form entry on web
  • - Dataentry only module with start parameter
  • - Encrypted/Unchangable CHK file
EpiC EpiData Command Processor
  • MERGE files at record level based on the value of 1-3 variables.
  • APPEND functions - add end to end
  • Make QES files from REC files
EpiData Analysis
  • Further SPC functions and graphs
  • Kaplan Meier Plots and log rank tests
  • Enhanced menu capabilities